Adult Leagues











  Orange Arena:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Men 6v6
Women 30+ 4v4
Men 6v6 Coed 6v6 Coed 6v6
Coed 4v4
Men 30+ 4v4

Men 6v6
Men 30+ 4v4

  Garden Grove Arena:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Coed 6v6
Women 4v4
Men 6v6
Coed 4v4
Men 30+ 6v6
Women 30+ 6v6
Men 6v6
Men 4v4
Women 6v6
Men 50+ 6v6
Coed 4v4
Coed 6v6 Men 6v6

All League fees due by 3rd game. Stadium field $575, Only $525 if paid by the first game! A deposit of $250 is due by the first game! Referee fees are $12 per game. Forfeit fee $30.For Mini Field $270 with a deposit of $70. Referee fees for Mini field are $8 per game. 


Captain/Mgrs: Make sure your team members have their ID card before each game.
New members cards are $15.00, Renewals $10.00.

Referees have been instructed to collect all player cards before each game and players that do not have current player cards will be instructed to purchase a temporary card. Temporary cards will not be issued for playoff or final games. Any questions, please see the staff.

Call to join a leauge or for more information:

Garden Grove Arena
13631 Deodara
Garden Grove , CA 92844   
Fax: 714-892-9411
Orange Arena
  2190 Canal St    
Orange , CA 92865
Fax: 714-974-0809